Well, I am willing not to win NaNoWriMo

If I write those 50 000 words, Ok. If I don’t write those 50 000 words, Ok. But, please, don’t call it a win to write those words. A Win should be something else, probably getting published. Writing words for sake of writing words i useless. Among designers there is a saying that “If you can’t sell your design, you have failed. Design something else.”

When it comes to current NaNoWriMo I have met my goals. I write because it let’s repressed memories and emotions surface. I have now coherent memories and I am more functional than before. It is true that I have other problems because of my neurodiverse brain which can’t be solved by writing but that’s for some other post.

Those 16 days were worth every second and I am happy that I did it. If I finish my first draft before December, I’ll be happy but I will start editing right away. I plan to write or edit every day but not as much as this month. Writing 1667 words every day is too much for me. I need to time for some research and for organization. The editing will be painful because I don’t know what and when happened.

I won’t do the NaNoWriMo again. My executive function suffers a lot at the moment.