Waiting, if there’s something worse during gender transition it has to be a refusal to be treated. I hate it and I am getting my new IDs next week. It still feels like waiting for Godot even when the moment of the end of transition on paper is very close.

I waited for several reasons:

  • The timing wasn’t right at one moment or the other. Transition in the middle of semester is in my opinion insane
  • The awful need to be sure that I am a woman. Also unsupportive parent(s) don’t help
  • Right surgeon. There are three in Czech republic, the one I wanted has full schedule for next nine or ten months
  • Right surgeon again. Making my mind which technique is the best for me
  • Waiting before I decide that I don’t want to wait nine or ten months and opting for an orchiectomy instead. I didn’t have to wait for orchiectomy, between first visit and being released from hospital it took less than three weeks
  • Paperwork is the Evil. New personal number, new name, new IDs, five trips in two months. Also the committee doesn’t meet regularly, so waiting for them and their decision is very long

I didn’t talk about real life test and some other stuff but you can shove it into the paperwork bin.