Trying to do things right…

… doesn’t always result in things being right. This is the lesson of this year when I traveled a lot, tried to do as much work as possible, but I ended up where I started. The reason for this is depression with a cause. The cause of my depression is a place where I live, Czech republic.

In trying to leave I thought that I needed to set at least half of things in order, but almost everything in vain. If I could use a mental image to explain it I would use elephant in the room and I am trying to reorganize furniture. Quite futile effort in my opinion.

The only solution is to remove the elephant from the room. So I am leaving Czech republic early next year, in January, and I will not live here ever again. I wish there was another way, more rational, like the one I tried to do at first but it’s not working.

Will leaving Czech republic work? I don’t know, but I am willing to try.