Transgender Day of Remembrance and Paris attacks

This is weird part of the year because every 20th of November transgender people remember their dead, or at least some of them. This year people will read 75 names and I doubt that the list is complete. Those 75 people were murdered quite brutally.

There is also a problem in transgender community called suicide. Rumor has it that there is ~41% suicide rate among transgender people. I don’t think it is a surprise because transgender people have to suffer from discrimination, meaningless attacks, family rejection and other nasty things. Did you know that I can be killed in all US states except California and it can be my fault because I scared them because I am transgender person?

The end of the last year I was already partially numb when Leelah Alcorn completed suicide and the new year was about to begin. Every week I heard about at least one dead transgender person. The numbing continued. When I heard about yet another dead transgender person I acknowledge their death and celebrate life as much as I can because I know I can be next.

When Daesh’s terrorists attacked Paris on Friday I did the same. I acknowledged victims’ deaths but there was nothing more I could do than to witness more meaningless killing.

It’s weird to realize that this is the world in which I live know.