I am always looking into other fields than my own because I will never know what’s my inner calling if I don’t explore the world. When I was watching the first video in Jessica Hische’s class on Skillshare I began thinking why am I doing what I am doing. Why did I take a different path than she did?

The answer is quite obvious: I didn’t know what she knew when I was her age when she chose a field. I always did something around computers because I wanted to be a Game Developer. At that time everyone told me that I should learn to code. Once a person tried to convince me that digital telephony was the next big thing but I just couldn’t get into it, other time I got into network administration but I learned to hate it.

The reason why I hated the network administration is because my boss new very little about and I was supposed to learn everything on the fly and graduate from high school at the same time. And no mentor was available. I don’t think I failed but I learned how to prioritize things in my life and also not to go somewhere as a junior where I won’t have a mentor who would at least explain to me things how it works around there.

When I was 15 or 16 a psychologist told me that I should begin specializing in one field as soon as possible. I would love to specialize at that age but my English at that time wasn’t yet that good, internet quite shitty, not enough resources in Czech with my poor Google-fu and no one around me knew what it means to make games. Everyone told me that I need to learn how to code.

Instead I began looking for things which might interest me, learning how to code, building antennas, controlling robots. During my college years I was taught how to code in two assemblers, VHDL, Java, C, Matlab and LabView. It showed me what’s available but time and time again I have always returned to User Interfaces because I have met many which were really bad. They almost made me forget about making games.

So I found a field in which I want to specialize. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t venture into sound design or lettering from time to time because it’s fun to look at other people’s specialties.