Screw visibility, accept me

I am transgender and I have a lot of autistic traits, not visible enough that some teacher or relative would tell my mother that I seriously need a diagnosis. It’s true that most of my problems started when I was doing my master’s degree because I was about to burn out or shut down, I prefer the latter term. There was awareness in my childhood already because child psychologist told my mother that I might have either ADHD or Autism.

If Autism was accepted I wouldn’t be going back and forth discussing in my head if I want official diagnosis. Or thinking over and over if I need one. And how my decision would affect me in the long run. If Autism was accepted as a difference I would have learned how to defend myself in the public long time ago. Now I am learning it on the go, semi-verbal. (It took me a while before I accepted that I can’t be verbal all the time or I’ll pay for it.)

If we had acceptance I wouldn’t need my parent to help get an official diagnosis by someone who “specializes” at diagnosing Autism. If you are specialist on Autistic children, please, call yourself one. Don’t call yourself an Autism expert.

If Autism was accepted, countries like Canada or New Zealand wouldn’t split families with Autistic members.

I think we’ve had enough of Autism Awareness.

On March 31 we had a similar day, International Transgender Day of Visibility. It’s a similar story. People from both groups are killed by their loved ones. That’s if you can call a domestic partner who is also a murder a loved one.

I can see a lot of harm is done especially to Transgender Women of Color unless I can’t stand it and mute my Twitter timeline. I have my own problems which make me feel powerless and when I see a senseless deaths it makes me sick. This can’t be solved just by visibility.

We need acceptance, visibility and awareness won’t do it anymore.