Letter 'T' in four perspectives.

For two years I have been housebound. For five I couldn’t leave the country where I lived because of school and executive dysfunction. I have been fighting myself and tried to fight the world and make a dent in the universe.

Side note: When I say dent in the universe I mean to become someone known in my industry, web design or web development or both. I didn’t want to shape the universe like Zuckerberg tries to do.

What I didn’t realize is how big the world is because I focused on my survival, learning about my industry as much as possible and trying to break through. Right now I am on a different continent after almost seven years and my world is expanding. I admit that I have a bit hard time to cope with it. I shaking off the tunnel vision when I was trying to specialize into two or three fields during those housebound years and almost everything else went past me.

Millions of people did a lot of exciting things about which I knew nothing about and a lot more will do quite interesting things about which I’ll never hear in my life. And that’s alright.

May be I’ll become famous in my field, may be I’ll change my field and become famous in it or I’ll be someone who likes her work. My mother’s “Either you are in Top 10 or it doesn’t matter what you do.” isn’t as powerful when you look around with a different perspective. She may have understood how big her field is in a country like Czech republic where she could compete with big companies on some jobs. But what it means to be in Top 10 on a global industry with hundreds of thousands of people?

I can do only my best and schedule properly.