Personal narrative

I have a hard time with my personal narrative because of shame cause by not having a caring mother, being disabled and not having enough paperwork to prove it, years of bullying and a lot of other things. All of these things make me insecure, sometimes even scared to leave my house. But they also make me a badass for being able to survive in a very hostile environment. All of these things, especially being a semi-verbal person, are the source of my power.

  • Asking for alternate ways to communicate make me a lot stronger than giving up and choosing a different direction.
  • Talking about what happened to me gives me power to go forward
  • Changing my body gives me a sense of control over my life and autonomy

Being transgender, neurodiverse and ATCK brings into my life a lot of insecurities but if I change my narrative I can transform them into a source of power over my life. I am Sarah and I guess I am a badass.