No, I don’t speak Czech

I have the ability to put Czech words together and form Czech sentences but I am unable to express myself more often than not. I may fool you with my accent and use of complex, often foreign, words but I am able to express myself in Estonian much better. Here is the list of words I know in Eesti:

  • Tere, Tere-Tere
  • jah
  • ei
  • Hommikust
  • tegema
  • kana

I may have lived in Czech republic the vast majority of my life but because of extensive childhood abuse and neglect and bullying I can’t connect to that language or to Czech people in general. There are some exceptions to the rule when I am comfortable enough to use that dreadful and abhorrent language but I can count those exceptions on my hands.

When we are on the topic I am not a Czech person, I only own Czech passport but that shouldn’t be surprising. So, please, don’t push me when I don’t want to use Czech language because chances are I am not able to use it anyway. And if I am, I might not be able to function as much as I would like the next day. It’s just that exhausting.