New beginning

After four and half years at the university I am no longer a student. First three years were hard and most of classmates didn’t make it to the other side, didn’t graduate. It took heavy toll on me. There were many sleepless nights due to schoolwork and a-hole students who lived in rooms next to mine. There were new challenges which arise always when a major change in the system occurs. We were in the first run of a new set of study programs. It was awful but it was worth it.

After I earned my bachelor’s degree I tried to¬†slightly change my career path. In the hindsight I was too conservative. Going from a border between computer science and electrical engineering to pure computer science is objectively a sound strategy but not subjectively. I consulted with several people which is objectively also a good idea but subjectively it depends on who are the people one consults with. I didn’t have a lucky hand when I chose people around me.

I knew that the mix I studied as an undergrad was not something I wanted to do in the long-term and I knew I couldn’t voice the other issue why I wanted and needed a course change quite desperately. I was stressed out and wanted to make every year count and also change my pace of life. I didn’t do it because I have thought that people with more life experience know better than I do. Now I know it might not be true.

I was stressed out because of school work and a lack of quiet spaces where one could work on them. One person told me that I will get used to it. I never did.

At this point have two choices I can make, doing nothing is not an option. I can take conservative path and start looking for a job. Or I can do what I do best: make a job while working alone. In order to do either of both I’ll need some portfolio of what I can do. Therefore in next 60 days I will do 60 small to medium-sized projects and then write about them in posts of 200 to 400 words. Starting today.