Modifying means healing

After every body modification I have got this year I have experienced a wave of “this body belongs to me” feelings. Every time I had to change my routines so my body would heal properly and didn’t matter if it was a tattoo or ear pointing. Using moisturizer or sleeping with a neck pillow meant taking care of my body.

Some people may tell me that because of my modification I will not be able to get on certain career paths. That’s true but these people don’t realize that without them I wouldn’t be able to work towards them anyway. It’s hard to deal with this fact but at the moment I have my priorities sorted. First recovery and getting by and then career.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about career at all but at the moment it is not my main focus. Partly because I am still not sure if I am able to function at work in a company and partly because I am planning to switch countries in next five years at least two times.

Remember self-care is important but execution of self-care is individual, find what works for you.