MaajReedr part 1

For the first day I decided to “cheat” a little bit since it is a quite complicated project which I divided it into two, possibly three, small projects. The big project is a RSS reader for my Raspberry Pi with a recommendation system based on content-based filtering. I use node.js and MongoDB on back-end and nginx as a front-end.

Today’s main task was to create a parser for RSS feeds which I was unable to do with node.js’ external XML libraries. Secondary task was to go as far as possible.

I was able to finish main task with enough time to do a base work for interacting with the database, the only part of this project I have never dealt before, I mean MongoDB, I’ve dealt with several SQL databases before. I also did some work with node.js library Natural which I use for tokenization of either the description or the content of the post.

When it comes to RSS I decided not use all tags there are available but I used only bare minimum. In the futureĀ I plan to use atom features, such as updatePeriod and updateFrequency, but that’ll be sometime in the future when I tweak recommendation algorithm and user interface. It is not my top priority at the moment.

Tomorrow I plan to debug database which I was unable to do because I was away today from my working computer, to create user interface and rewrite and update recommendation algorithm from my own plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird which uses jQuery and underscore.js which provides functional helpers for JavaScript.

The pronunciation of this project’s name was ‘My Reader’, Czenglish, but I use ‘Maaj Reedr’ all the time.