Getting back on track

I have been behind for so long for so many reasons. Partly it was out of my control, growing up with a parent who knows that I have either Asperger’s or ADHD or both, and partly because I was putting less important fires out. In the past I was hard on myself because I didn’t half of the things I know now.

I am working with a theory that I mostly likely have to deal with both. So last month I began putting in place mechanism in to my life which help with both. I hope it will work out during the summer and until forever.

Since I started using appropriate accommodations some traumatic memories from living with that parent and from years of bullying surface from time to time but I am able to deal with them better than I used to.

My business is not anywhere where I wanted because I overestimated how long everything takes but I am working on it. Tweaking my own systems, learning new skills and improving my current skills.

I am getting better and I hope you do too. If not hang in there your situation will change in time.