Functioning labels

I am starting to hate them because people are using them as boxes. I am in several at the same time. Two weeks ago I wrote about being Semi-verbal and I am still learning how live with it.

There is a planned book about Autism and unemployment. Although I don’t ever plan to get a normal job because of several reasons, mostly sensory issues, I was interested in it. Especially if there is a chapter about being semi- or non-verbal and how to deal with it, how to ask for accommodation.

The publisher answered me that the book is for those “who are capable of things like ‘networking’, ‘financial planning’, changing careers etc.”

I was angry and still am about it because I live on my own for six, almost seven, years. Finance-wise I am finding a way how to be completely independent. And now I have to hear that I am not capable of those things? I am sorry Jessica Kingsley Publishers but that’s not what I wanted to hear.

There are two possible answer with which I would be satisfied

  1. No, we do not address this topic in this book
  2. Yes, we address this topic in this book

I don’t think that this is too hard. But it seems that assuming competence is a lot harder for some people.