Danish masochism (Safe For Work)

When I was in first grade my teacher and my parents had hard time teaching me to read. I could recognize letters but when I came to combining syllables I was useless.

Parent: “What is this?”

Me: “Má.”

Parent: “And this?”

Me: “Ma.”

Parent: “And when it is together?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

This phase took a long time. My alphabet book was full of dots and waves below the words. This is one of the few memories I have from my childhood.

How is all this connected do Danish? In past one of my plans included moving to Denmark so I bought textbook to learn the language. My plans changed but the textbook is still here so I’ve picked it up and began learning.

My argument to not learn French were numbers, Danish is worse and I didn’t know that before I started and now I’m too stubborn to stop. One thing which challenges my dyslexia is pronunciation and written language.

Russian is relatively easy with its own alphabet, German and Czech have extra letters to compensate, English and Spanish can be tricky, Estonian is somewhere in the middle but Danish is hellish. Danish is like WYSIWYNG (what you see is what you never get). There are days when I wonder whether there are any letters that are pronounced somewhat standard way.

Words like vand (water) and vandet (the water) are hard to identify because the d is read more like English l, and t is almost silent. There other words like this, especially when it comes to plural nouns because the definite article is put after the word. So the dog would be hunden and the dogs would be hundene.

It’s hard to recognize which is which and sometimes impossible to write correct spelling down. I don’t know why I learn this dreadful language, may be it’s my revenge, proving my mother wrong. My mother told me that I shouldn’t be able to learn languages because my dyslexia, autistic traits and some other stuff I have to deal with. What I can say is that none puts me down because of my special interests. Especially not my mother. Happy revenge, to every who had to here they shouldn’t be able to do something 😈