Civilization without public transport is no civilization

I am one of those people who theoretically can drive but are afraid of driving. I have driver’s license and before visiting my dad in Canada I chose to get an international driver’s license just in case. Also 50 Czech crowns isn’t that much so what’s the worst case? Dad will teach me how to drive again after six or seven years of not driving.

Yesterday I have returned from Guelph, ON. I liked it there and even considered moving there in couple of years until I was told that local public transportation system is good. I am from Europe and I tend to complain a lot because the public transportation systems there are quite good, not great. It would be great if I could get computer-brain interface which would inform me about the streetcars, busses and subways would arrive at the station ± 30 seconds. But we aren’t there yet.

I am used to being able to choose one of four or more busses/streetcars/subway trains every hour. I am used being able to use public transport quite smoothly until midnight and after midnight to 5 in the morning with some delays. So that’s my base line.

In Guelph outside of peak hours I had to wait quite longer. Probably the worst waiting was 28 minutes after I just missed a bus by 2 minutes. It was my bad. It was a bad day in general that day.

Now that I am back in a village in Prescott and Russell county I feel a bit trapped because there’s no easy way to get out of here. One diner, one pizza, one market and one LCBO. There’s not even a train station here anymore, so I can’t go for a day trip to Ottawa on my own. I am away from civilization, yet I can access internet.