Four items rule

Today was more of a lazy day when I cleaned around, did laundry and went to the Old town to take some pictures. A long time ago I have had observed a rule which says that I am able to finish four main tasks per day. Whenever I tried to do more I failed to do them all. Yesterday I scheduled five tasks but I couldn’t find time to do all five. I did four of them.

The one I enjoyed the most was to go to the Old town and take pictures. I haven’t seen them yet but it was nice to go out and don’t feel anxiety. There were too many people to my liking but that’s Prague. I really enjoyed it.

Year ago I wouldn’t believe my words. That’s how far I’ve come. It was a long year. The other things I did today were chores which had to be done sooner or later. I wanted them done today because if not now then when?

I am still not sure about my final form of my name but I have more than a year since I haven’t started RLE yet. I am looking for it even though I am not even close to be passable. But I know that I myself and that is what counts.

Thoughts on passport country

Today was another step forward.  Couple of days ago I decided to edit my 60 days project which failed because of my depression. The new rules are saying that I’ll work on one small project and one long project.

The long project I worked on is a complex blog theme for WordPress. Today I worked on wireframes defining how the information will be displayed. I know that there are philosophies of work like mobile-first but I like to do things from the biggest form to the smallest one. I may with experience go from bottom up but at the moment I prefer this way.

I don’t remember who said that front page is least important page but it was my guide in the process. My first decision was to focus on content therefore there is no sidebar. This allowed me to scale down every page quite easily. User defined widgets are placed into the page footer. At the moment because of that I designed for breakpoints instead of obvious three if there weren’t three elements in footer. Desktop version, mobile version, one in between which I call medium and nameless one between medium and mobile one.

The small project was more about doodling and drawing practice. I stuck at the moment but it’s a skill and I’ll treat it as such. Tomorrow I’ll do some graphical mock-ups of the said WordPress theme and I’ll go take some pictures of Prague.

The reason why I’m going to take pictures of the city where I live at the moment is more sentimental than artistic. I’ve lived here for more than four years and my third culture kid nature demands for a long time for me to move away. I need to take back my will to leave. And I want some picture of where I lived.

Twelve years later

Twelve years ago when I was thirteen I decided to leave Czech republic and move in with my dad in US. I have spent there a year. My plan was to stay there kind of forever. It didn’t work out.

When I came back it was last time when I trusted close people around me. My mom and grandpa convinced me to return. After dad I saw my dad in US and he scolded me for changing my mind because he paid third month of my health insurance. And on my way to US I met an older immigration officer who spoke fluently pre-WWII Czech, I might even remember his last name =).

The year in US was hard but fun. I became an avid reader. A wrinkle in time from Madeleine L’Engle was my first non-technical book I’ve ever finished. I learned that teachers aren’t always neurotic a-holes.

The worst happened what I returned to Czech republic. I didn’t fit in, I got bullied and teachers demotivated me again. There was no challenge. Just raw facts. Too long breaks between periods. Crap my history teacher scolded me for doing too many notes from textbook. She didn’t specify how long it should be, damn, I remember her name too =(.

Fast forward I switched schools between eighth and ninth grade once. For the last month of eighth grade. In retrospect I shouldn’t have waited go away again for college.

I know that last two posts are more about living in the past but this needs out. I am getting better and am starting to grow again. My gut feeling at the moment tells me to move on again.

The only question I am left with is:

If I should move where to?

Rough 10 days

Past 10 days were far from perfect. After my lunch with my mom I stood still unable to move in either direction. I was able to enroll for this semester but for the rest of the week I was almost useless. I was able to go to my hometown to get some mail but I was unable to go to get a new picture taken for my ID. When one changes name this is what happens.

I’d love to have perfect life but that is not possible. Not even close to perfect is possible. When I realized that I do better when I listen my hunches and feelings I was mad because I am not sure who to trust. If I am talking with people close to me and they think with brain and disregard what I feel.

I know it’s hard for me to put my feelings into words, especially since I think in pictures and diagrams. But still when I consult my solution with someone I don’t want hear their opinion what I should do. I want to hear what awaits me if I choose that path.

This post is starting to look like a rant. To wrap it up. I consulted with grandma about my options. I am not sure whether or not is the path I felt I needed to take two years ago is right at the moment. My gut feeling is to go away. It’ll be rough in days, months and years to come but this is a consequence for not sticking with my gut 10 years ago. Lesson learned: always stick with your gut feelings.

Pulling a miracle

Today was heavy on my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot about yesterday’s phone call. I am still not sure if I am going to try to pull a miracle again this summer semester. But I decided to enroll and then do as I feel. I will probably fail and that’s in a way OK because that’s life.

On the other hand I would like to earn master’s degree. But is will to get a degree enough for me to pull this miracle and stay sane? I am not really sure.

Back to what I did today. I drew web comic which I will publish tomorrow. It’s about today’s dilemma which I didn’t resolve yet. I may resolve it tomorrow when I’ll meet my mom for lunch and we will talk about it. But the way I see it at the moment is that I will enroll but I will probably not be able to finish this master’s program. I will look in to it more tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll do some coding. I’ll play in WordPress with shortcodes and loops, WP_Query and query_posts. And on Monday I’ll schedule get_template_part() understanding. I am quite confused by usage of this function in official themes.

Sad wolf and it’s not over yet

Today I did mostly illustrations for my 404 pages which I didn’t do, forgot put it to my WordPress bare theme. So I worked on that. I also deployed new theme on Lone Comic Wolf and at the moment I think that I’ll change my host because I didn’t like the loading speed. May be it is inefficiency of my theme but at the moment I doubt because there is nothing complicated in it. Just one custom post type with specific archive and single post. It may be problem with one plug in but at this point I doubt that too because at this site I have more plug-ins installed.

I might try and have a look at my navigation function because at the moment it just might be doing to many requests to database. But in my opinion if it is fast on localhost it should be as fast on remote host.

The other thing that happened to me today was that I got a call from school. I might not have been kicked out yet. Which is probably a good thing. The bad part is that I’ll need to pull a small miracle which I am not sure I can do. Anyway I’ll decide in the morning.

Needs rework

When I today began working I have thought that the navigation worked everywhere. But this morning when tried it just in case. I found one. On front-page.php it didn’t work as it should. Everywhere else it was fine. The function which I used is modified Twenty Fourteen function:

I fixed this problem with by using variables $next and $previous instead and for the front page where I use WP_Query I dropped last wp_reset_postdata() and it works.

I plan on deploying this theme later today or tomorrow.

Still down

When I began this 60 day project I thought that I could do every day one project. I was wrong. It is not a problem objectively but I didn’t count myself into an equation. I never was mentally stable. There were days from time to time when the best I could do was to start an autopilot and wait for the end of the day. And now since I have time and space to destress myself it’s worse than at when I suppressed my stress’.

But I am not giving up. I am just slowing down for the time being to a pace I can handle. Today I did some coding in WordPress. Most of it was PHP where I was figuring how to work with WP_Query to get first, last and random post link for my comic strip post type. I figured how to show older strips even though I’ll have to move them to a different post type and then probably put respective redirects in .htaccess to keep SEO or I am pass on it.

One thing with CSS I really wanted to try was horizontal flip so I don’t have to make sprite bigger than it needs to or load more images. I found a quite handy snippet on css-tricks couple of days ago. I did my best today even though it was not everything I wanted to accomplish.

The day everything went wrong

Today was one of those days when everything which should work does not. My today’s task was to fix Lone Wolf comic’s website. The problem was that when I did it for the first time I did really awful job. The one reason was lack of time or rather I wanted a platform ASAP no matter what. So right now I am thinking about taking LWC for some time down and redoing current content.

The biggest problem I encounter was the same as five months ago: How to add text and image(s) separately into one post? The first time I decided to put image into a WYSIWYG editor and commentary for it into a metabox. As a result I got sloppy code.

My second approach was similar as I wanted to do the first time. I wanted to use WordPress’ Media Library but I couldn’t find a way how to do it. I found before and now couple of tutorials but none of them were close to what I wanted. But when I was trying to put metabox into my custom post type Add New page I saw Custom fields. I began then researching this approach.

After googling wordpress media library metabox I found one plugin, Media Library Custom Fields, which looked promising but for the  time being I’ve chose to use different one, Advanced Custom Fields, which is well rated as well as well documented. In coding there are days like this. So I am not ending this project now.

Lone Wolf comic redesign

After last quite exhausting week, as I wrote earlier I am an ice hockey junkie, I decided to work on a redesign of my other website I own but I have neglected it for too long. After reanalyzing the needs of Lone Wolf comic website I began doing wireframes. And then proceeded to pixel pushing.

The needs for a web comic are quite simple. Users need to see individual comic strips and to move between them. Archive is probably the most important less visible feature. The third thing which is more useful than necessary are tags for each comic strip. Individual tag may or may not be visible when user browses comic strips but it would be nice to be able to choose only those strips with certain tag. I also decided to create this website as a responsive one as a default so it’ll make coding part more challenging than the design part which is a little bit too easy or too dull.

Due to the previous work, let’s call it beginner’s mistakes, I have comic strips in various sizes in both width and height. So I designed looks for what I shall consider standard 200×600 (height x width) pixels three panel strip and for older strip formats. 200×600 pixels is standard format for desktop, for mobile I decided to flip it to 600×200 pixels.


Single comic strip in old format


Single comic strip in new format


Mobile version looks the same for both older and newer format except that in older one there is only one panel.



This website is not challenging on the design part but it’ll let me explore WordPress in depth.