Babiš, Zeman, Brexit and Trump

First two names are from Czech politics. One is old, senile populist and the other is populist, billionaire politician in his fifties. Together they resemble Trump including friendship with Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin). And Brexit, why not throw something which VV loves into the mix?

I want to be positive but I am not sure whether American voters are wiser than Czech and Italian ones. Remember Silvio Berlusconi, another Vladimir’s friend?

I really want my friends in Baltic region to be safe but with a president of USA who might disband NATO because he is friends with an elected dictator I am not sure if they are safe.

I don’t want to sound bleak but during Islamic version of Thirty-years war I don’t think I can be happy with isolationist president of USA, especially after the mess the country, which I used to call home, made around the world.